Sewer Backup

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Sewage Clean Up – Think and Operate Safely

Sewage clean up is a dangerous job. Evacuation of your home is the safest option for you and your family. Microorganisms that are brought in from flooding can be a serious health risk. Fast action helps to minimize damage to your home and the spreading of these microorganisms. A professional sewage clean up crew will be able to quickly repair the flood source, remove the water, and sanitize your home. Sanitation uses special equipment such as steam cleaners and microbial cleaner to kill germs, remove grime and prevent future health risks. Standing water becomes more dangerous the longer it stays. Sewage backflow is a perfect ground for microorganisms, like bacteria, to breed. Standing flood water will also seep further into walls, carpets and floors causing further damage to your home. A carpet is especially susceptible to standing water. The padding beneath it acts like a sponge, and a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. The water can also dissolve the glue holding the carpet fibers together causing permanent damage.

Our sewage clean up team takes every necessary step to ensure that your home is returned to a safe living environment. Fast water removal is important to minimize the damage done to your home. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make emergency flooding calls. Moisture detection helps us to pinpoint problem areas to ensure that future floods are prevented. Mold inspection allows us to find hidden sources of mold, mildew and fungi that could cause allergens, irritants and produce toxins. Clean up and sanitation allows us to kill dangerous microbes brought in by the sewage flood

We Are Here To Help During An Emergency

Our sewage clean up team has the ability to help you during an emergency. Around the clock you can contact us by telephone and we will dispatch an emergency flood clean up crew. Sewage is particularly dangerous because of the microbes brought in by the water. Acting fast to a flood, you should call our professional extraction crew to minimize damage, and evacuate your home. We provide repair of the flood sources and use moisture detection to pinpoint other problem areas in your home that could cause future flooding. Clean up will use antimicrobial cleaner and commercial equipment to sanitize your home and return it to a safe living environment for your family. With over 3 decades of experience we can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Contact us immediately for sewage clean up in Long Island, New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, West Chester, Suffolk County, Nassau County and throughout New York.