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Our Story

What began as are restoration company has transformed into a versatile family-owned restoration company hyper-focused on all disasters relating to water, fire, and mold. FLOODED.COM has capabilities of any sized residential job as well as commercial and industrial jobs. Call us today to learn about our 30-minute emergency response team

Who We Are?


For three decades, has been a name synonymous with unwavering dedication, commitment, and excellence in the world of disaster restoration. As a family-owned business, they have risen above the tide, making a mark in the challenging field of water, fire, and mold damage restoration in New York and New York City.


Water Damage Restoration:
In a city known for its extreme weather conditions, water damage was a common and costly issue for residents. quickly established itself as the experts in water damage restoration, providing swift, efficient, and professional solutions. Their state-of-the-art equipment, combined with a highly trained team, ensured that water-damaged properties were restored to their original condition with minimal disruption to homeowners’ lives.

Fire Damage Restoration:
Fires, too, were no stranger to the bustling city, often leaving behind a trail of destruction.’s skilled professionals understood the intricacies of fire damage, from the initial assessment to the meticulous restoration process. They worked closely with insurance companies to ensure that homeowners received the support they needed to rebuild their lives.

Mold Damage Restoration:
Mold infestations could be a silent, lurking threat, causing health issues and property damage.’s specialized mold removal and remediation services ensured that these hidden dangers were swiftly addressed. Our thorough mold inspections and effective eradication methods provided homeowners with peace of mind.

660 Hempstead Gardens Dr,
West Hempstead, NY 11552, United States
660 Hempstead Gardens Dr,
West Hempstead, NY 11552, United States